Stylish Yorkie Haircuts With Floppy Ears: How to Accentuate Your Dog’s Floppy Ears

Yorkie Haircuts With Floppy Ears

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Yorkie Haircuts With Floppy Floppy ears are one of the most endearing traits of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. As a Yorkie owner, you want to accentuate your dog’s natural floppy ears with the perfect haircut. Read on to discover the most popular Yorkie haircuts that allow your dog’s adorable floppy ears to shine.

Floppy Eared Yorkie Haircuts Styles

The floppy eared Yorkie haircuts is a signature look for this breed. Trimming the hair on the body shorter while leaving longer hair around the ears creates a sweet teddy bear effect. Your Yorkie’s messy mop top will be topped off with cute floppy ears. 

Similarly, teddy bear Maltese haircuts involve rounding out the hair around the face and leaving longer hair to fall over the eyes and ears. This achieves that cuddly teddy bear appearance that is perfect for breeds with floppy ears.

If you’re looking for an extra cute Yorkie haircuts with floppy ears, go for styles like pigtails, braids, or hair clips by the ears. These accents complement your Yorkie’s natural floppiness for a puppy dog look that will make your heart melt.

Yorkie Haircut Variations for Floppy Ears

Yorkies with floppy ears offer many styling possibilities. For a Yorkie haircut that emphasizes your dog’s gorgeous ear shape, ask your groomer to trim the body hair short while leaving the hair around the ears slightly longer. 

Parti Yorkies with their unique coloring look especially striking with floppy ear haircuts. Go for shorter trimmed ears with longer fringe hair left at the tips. This style shows off your parti Yorkie’s markings beautifully. 

During summer, your Yorkie will appreciate a floppy ear haircut with shorter hair all over to beat the heat. But leave just enough length around the ears to maintain that signature floppiness. 

Standard Yorkie floppy ear haircuts involve trim, tidy hair on the body and legs with longer hair around the ears left natural. This classic look lets your Yorkie’s cute ears take center stage.

Styling Tips for Yorkies with Floppy Ears

Yorkie haircuts can be styled to accentuate your dog’s gender. For female Yorkies, you can achieve an extra feminine look with floppy ear haircuts featuring decorations like bows and hair clips. Braids woven above the ears also complement your girl Yorkie’s dainty features.

For male Yorkies, go for floppy ear cuts with clean lines and geometric shaping. You can infuse masculinity into your male Yorkie’s style by asking your groomer to integrate short fade haircuts on the body and legs. 

No matter your Yorkie’s gender, make sure to use gentle hair products and keep the floppy ear hair tangle-free. Introduce accessories like headbands slowly to get your Yorkie comfortable wearing them. With the right haircut and styling, your pup’s adorable floppy ears will be the highlight of their look.


Yorkies are renowned for their endearing floppy ears. With so many Yorkie haircut styles that emphasize your dog’s natural ear shape, you can create a look that spots their cutest feature. From classic teddy bear cuts to trendy shapes with accessorizing, your Yorkie’s personality will shine through. Work with an experienced groomer to test out new floppy ear haircuts and find the perfect match for your dog.

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