Spindle Cell Sarcoma In Dog How Long Will He Live

My vet wants to remove it, he says it will only get bigger and cause pain.. My dog is 10 and last week had a spindle cell growth removed from the front. Some days are good, she seems happy and wants to go for long walks .
After the surgery, the vet will recommend a chemotherapy, which will put an end to the growing of cancerous cells. The dog should be checked periodically, as after the surgery the spindle cell sarcoma may grow back. If the tumor is metastasized, surgery cannot be performed and the prognosis is poor.
In fact, dogs whose low- or intermediate-grade spindle cell sarcomas are completely removed with surgery are expected to have a normal life span. Dogs diagnosed with high-grade tumors that are treated with surgery and chemotherapy live for approximately one to two years.
Fibrosarcomas and spindle cell tumors originate from the connective tissue of,. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian.
Approximately 85% of these patients are tumor free three years after treatment. By comparison, the majority of dogs with incompletely excised soft tissue sarcomas that receive surgery without follow-up radiation will regrow by one year. For high-grade sarcomas, the long-term prognosis is more guarded.

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