Pure Wolf Puppies For Sale

Expecting puppies February 2019. This will be a stunning litter!! Pups will be Gray wolf, Arctic wolf, GSD, Husky and Malamute, approximately 40% wolf content.
While it is widely understood that all dog breeds have descended from the wolf, a Wolfdog has pure wolf recently in its background, such as a parent or great .
PLEASE NOTE NO WOLVES OR CUBS ARE OFFERED FOR SALE.. who heads up the AWRL, says the organization focuses on pure bred wolves, not hybrids .
Howling is communication among Wolves. Unfortunately, it is a fact that pure Wolves do not make good pets. As they mature some become very independent; .
7/8 Wolf cubs are obtained by breeding a pure Male Wolf to a 3/4 Wolf female.. Although I have them for sale, I do not recommend them as pets because the .
I have 1 male and 6 female hybrid wolf pups for adoption. They will be. "Wolf Pups" Now accepting deposits on spring 2019 litter. Selectively bread for .
Hi my name is Teresa and i have some low content wolfdog puppies ready. Low/Mid content hybrid wolf pups due in February, mid/high contents due in March.
Both male and female high contents should cycle and reproduce like a pure wolf and give birth to dark, solid colored puppies that are uniform in looks (see wolf .

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