Puppy In Japanese

English, puppy. Type, noun. Japanese, 子犬. Hiragana, こいぬ. Pronunciation, koinu. Example. lovely puppy: 可愛らしい子犬 .
Japanese dog names are beautiful, unique and meaningful – an excellent. You can rest assured that no other pup at the dog park will have the same name!
Need to translate "puppy" to Japanese? Here are 4 ways to say it.
Need translate "my puppy" to Japanese? Here's how you say it.
Whether you have Japanese heritage, a Japanese dog breed like an Akita or. Sora News reported on the top ten dog names in Japan for 2017, which could be a great source of inspiration.. Starting Your Puppy Off Right with Great Nutrition.
Search kanji by their meaning, reading or kanji itself.
I have a friend who is from Japan and She can't speak english that well.I got a new puppy and I want to tell her.Problem is I don't know how.
Doggie makeovers that will make you smile. Japanese dog grooming does not follow the rules of traditional, breed- standard grooming. In fact, it only has one .

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