Prong Collar For Dogs That Pull

But we all need to know the truth about prong collars before passing judgment. You are most likely reading this because your dog pulls on the leash, is leash .
When the dog pulls, a cord or chain tightens around the dog's neck which is unpleasant and discourages him from pulling. (When fitted properly the collar will not tighten down enough to choke.) Pros: Dog doesn't generally mind having it put on. Prevents escape due to backing out of the collar when properly fitted.
The humane choker looks like a prong collar made of chain instead of. The head collar and the no-pull halter work by pressuring the dog's head in the former .
Most dogs and handlers do well with a martingale style collar. If you cannot stand still with your dog on a martingale collar, you may need the “power steering” of a front clip harness or prong collar to prevent her from pulling you over. Regardless, the technique for loose lead walking is the same.

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