Performance Sheltie Breeders

We feel that if a dog cannot perform, it should be weeded out of a breeding program. If you are interested in acquiring a sheltie for performance sports or .
These are the Shelties that we have either worked with, or are presently working with, that excel in performance sports. Some are included in our breeding .
Showing and Raising Quality Shelties.. About Creekside Shelties. produce top quality show/breeding or performance/breeding prospects using the American .
Belmark Shelties breeds quality dogs to the sheltie breed standard. Located in Ohio, members of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association. We sell sheltie .
For many years that was enough for us. We were successful and content in the performance areas. Our Shelties earned MACHs, UDs, HXs and HITs. Our view of .
Performance finding something you and the dog love to do. BellaEOJump2016x300 Kim and Bella at the European Open Championship in France, 2016 .
Judy and the late David Guaraldo win the AKC AWARD for 2015 Breeder of the year for Rally Obedience. AKC Award for 2016 Breeder of the Year for .
My goal is to produce shelties that not only meet the breed standard, but also excel as companions and performance dogs. Strata set our personal standard for .

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