Pembroke Welsh Corgi Colors Blue Belton

Pembroke Welsh Corgis come in 5 basic colors, usually with white trim: Red, Red-headed tricolor, Black-headed tricolor, Sable, and Fawn. Genetically, Red is .
. with no set pattern to it, as seen in the Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi above.. In Cardigans the Dilute will result in chocolate or liver coloured puppies with .
From the AKC Breed Standard: Color. All shades of red, sable and brindle. Black with or without tan or brindle points. Blue merle (black and gray; marbled) with .
Cowboy Corgi, Corgi Mix, Corgi Puppies, Cardigan. More information. Lia's pup, Pluis (meaning fluff in Dutch) – [Fluffy Blue Merle Corgi Puppy]. Alex Duke.

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