Old Fashioned Straight Backed German Shepherd Breeders

Welcome and thank you for visiting Alsace Royale German Shepherds Hobby Kennel, The home of Old Fashioned Traditional Large Straight Backed German .
Click here to view our AKC registered, oldfashioned large German Shepherd puppies available at Ayers Legends, located in Southern Oklahoma.
"Experience the Difference of the Large, Oldfashioned German Shepherd bred. . oldfashioned german shepherd puppies, straight backed german shepherd .
We are a 'Mom and Pop' small scale home breeder of large, family friendly, old fashioned, straight flat back, calm stable tempered German Shepherd puppies for .
Old Fashioned, Straight Backed, German Shepherd Puppies. ​Here at GreenBarn-GSD, we are a small run family business, breeding home reared, .
Mintern's Old Fashion German Shepherds. Breeding Old Fashion, Straight Back and Larger Boned German Shepherds for you and your family. these routine inspections to help keep breeders committed to caring for their animals properly.
Sheeba the start of my blood line Sheeba the original straight back German Shepherd. When you meet her you will think she is 3-4 years old I retired her at 7 and she is. of what many breeders have done to the Original German Shepherds.
Our old fashioned German Shepherds have a straightbacked, sturdy appearance to a gentle slope, a more traditional look. Old fashioned German Shepherds .

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