Most Empathetic Dog Breed

But not these breeds. The dogs on this list are loyal to their people, through and through. Here are 16 of the most loyal dog breeds, in no particular order.
Labrador Retriever. Born to please, it's a wonder these friendly pups don't give their hoomans a cavity, they're so sweet. Golden Retriever. Goldens are big, friendly lugs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The American Pit Bull. Brussels Griffon. Old English Sheepdog. Affenpinscher. Chihuahua.
There's a reason why dog's are called man's best friend. Does your cuddly canine make it onto this list of the most affectionate dog breeds?
"Timmy's in the Well: Empathy and Prosocial Helping in Dogs," published in the journal. The test subjects varied in size and breed: The one thing they had in. to motivate an empathetic helping response; otherwise, the most stressed dogs .

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