Mantle Great Dane

Mantle Great Danes sport a "black blanket" over a pure white base coat.. TIP: Most sought after mantle Great Danes are pure black and white with no other colors such as merle, blue, brown or fawn.. Breeding harlequins will produce mantle Dane puppies, as well as harlequins, merles.
Sixstar Danes Great Dane Colors.. Mantle Quoted from the AKC Standard about Harlequin Great Danes. Mantle is a specific color pattern in Great Danes.
The easygoing Great Dane, the mighty “Apollo of Dogs,” is a total joy to live with—but owning a dog of such imposing size, weight, and strength is a commitment .
This board is about our beautiful Mantle Great Danes. Such a stunning classy coat pattern. We were estatic when they were allowed to be shown in the AKC .
The Great Dane Illustrated Standard part five. Mantle – The color shall be black and white with a solid black blanket extending over the body; black skull with .

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