Lilac French Bulldog Dna

How my love affair for the Lilac French Bulldog started. For the past. . We did a DNA check he carries the gene for Lilac Chocolate and cream. The one thing .
Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between blue and lilac.. If you are still confused you can always conduct a DNA color analysis with a testing .
There is a lot of controversy over the Chocolate Colored French Bulldog (FB). This article will most. Hershey DNA testable Lilac french Bulldog. DNA testable  .
The DNA of a Lilac French Bulldog will check out at (d/d, b/b) which basically means that they have two copies of each blue and chocolate gene. Their DNA is  .
Lovely lilac French Bulldogs feature a distinct coloring and vibrant eyes. These rare beauties are created with a combination of chocolate and blue DNA from .
Solid Blue – no brindle – DNA aa dd. Picture. Solid Chocolate DNA is aa bb. Picture. Lilac puppy on top of blue puppy. Picture. All puppies are fawn. The first has .
I get many calls , a breeder has a dog, she said it was lilac, it looks like a. Not all breeders DNA puppies, from all indications , this puppy LOOKS BLUE. ( owner .

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