Kennel Cough Treatment

Your veterinarian can prescribe a round of antibiotics to help your dog recover faster. Some of the most widely prescribed medications for Kennel Cough are Baytril, Doxycycline, and Clavamox. However, because the disease is caused by both a virus and bacteria, the dog will require a dual-purpose treatment.
Here are some of the most common and effective ways to treat kennel cough in dogs: Antibiotics. Dogs which are otherwise healthy and continue to maintain a normal appetite and energy level will usually recover without the use of medications. Cough Suppressants. Humidified Air. Honey.
Kennel Cough Treatment. Most veterinarians treat tracheobronchitis the way physicians treat the common cold. They let it run its course while keeping the patient comfortable. Some veterinarians routinely prescribe antibiotics, which are effective against bacteria, thus addressing part of the infection.
Most dogs and cats with kennel cough recover in a few weeks with or without medical treatment. If pet kennel cough does not resolve on its own, or in serious .
Learn about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of kennel cough in dogs from AKC's dog health experts.
Kennel cough is a common respiratory infection in dogs that causes a harsh, hacking cough. Read our guide to the causes & treatments to help your dog.

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