How To Wrap A Dog’s Leg For Knuckling Over

You can wrap the paw in gauze to provide soft cushioning, followed by a pressure bandage. The bandage should cover the wrist joint but should leave out the front toes, and should not be too tight. Remove the bandage after three days, but keep your dog from reopening the wound by using a dog boot when they go out.
Knuckling over is first noticed in the area of front leg on a puppy, or the growth plate. . Wrap with vet wrap and do not wrap feet so the dog can walk properly.
Here is a resource for leg wraps and supports for serious problems on dogs over 12 weeks that can not be taken care of with normal vet wrap bandages contact .
9 weeks old..and he’s starting to get that “knuckling over” looks as if Empty toilet paper roll, put leg through it, and wrap it up with a tensor. Don’t feed your puppy adult dog food – he needs to grow, just get large breed .
It looks to me like your pup is knuckling over. You breeder gave you horrible advice, supplementing with calcium and reducing the protein will .
Bowed Legs, Knuckling Over in Puppies – Puppy Feed Program. . I’m taking him to the vet on Tuesday to see if we need to wrap his legs, too.

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