How Many Points Is A Bronze Grand Championship

This document has been created for you by the American Kennel Club to help you understand the point schedule and how Grand Championship points are .
American Kennel Club – Grand Championships.. Grand Championship Points Ranking · Grand Championship Titles · Grand. Bronze. 100 GCH Points .
The Bronze Grand Championship will require 100 points, the Silver Grand Championship will require 200 points, the Gold Grand Championship will require 400 points and the Platinum Grand Championship will require 800 Grand Championship points.
Grand Championship levels become titles Effective April 1, 2016 the Grand. Dogs that earned an achievement level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) in the past, will. of the Grand Champion Platinum title for every 800 GCH points earned.
If I have counted correctly, GCH Redyre Extra Spicy completed the requirements for her Bronze level Grand Championship (100 GCH points) .
Can someone tell me how many points you earn to get each award? I have a JRT that is a bronze grand champion so I was guessing at 200 .

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