Doberman Ear Cropping Chart

Natural Ears Our first recommendation is to make sure that ear cropping is *ONLY* be done by those who have a great deal of experience with this procedure.
Ear Cropping is very important. You want to know that you have a vet that knows what there doing and can do a good job. You want a doberman crop. You want .
Ear cropping styles (short, medium, long) – Page 3 – Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums.
Dont jump on the first vet you find that crops ears. Those that crop will say they have done it forever and do have the dogs to prove it, but you .
What are the different doberman ear cropping styles? A look at short, long and natural ears.
The ears of Doberman Pinschers are naturally long and floppy, and it is only through ear cropping that the pointed, erect ear profile that is often associated with .

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