Do All Dogs Have Webbed Feet

It may come as a surprise, but all dogs have webbed feet of some kind. Take a look at your dog's paw. Separate the toes and you'll notice some connecting skin. Despite being cursorial animals with limbs built for running, some dog breeds have a significant amount of webbing between their toes.
The pads on the bottom of their feet protect them and provide grip as they walk.. Although most dogs have webbing between their toes, specific breeds have “webbed feet” that help them do specific things common to their breed. In general, these breeds are water dogs, and webbing helps them swim.
Pooch paws were made for walking, but that's not all they do. If you've ever taken a closer look at your dogs feet, you'll notice that they have lots of features that .
A dog walks on his toes like a horse, not the soles of his feet like a bear or a human. The dog's front limb. Breeds that work in water tend to have webbed feet.

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