Black Seal English Bulldog Price

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My last female she's either a dark chocolate seal or Black and white seal. She was My keeper but I've decided to sell her. She will produce black,blue and .
Price range is normally in the $4000 to $5500 or more for black tri puppies. Pricing for blue puppies is $8500$14,000 or more if you can find one.
Black Tri: $3500. Blue Tri $4000. Chocolate Tri: $4000. Lilac Tri: $6000. Merles Colors not pet offering for now. Regarding PET ONLY: “Pet Only” is not always .
Standard colors start at $2500 like a red or white or fawn colored bulldog.. It is a more cost effective way to have a blue with the beautiful eyes with out the. They have brown noses and have a dark brown coat with tan points on legs, face, .
Official Rare Color Chart for AKC English Bulldogs by Alesia Dixon is. . Black and Tan English Bulldog, Black Tri English Bulldog, Black Seal English Bulldog. . together, as this could result in double Merle puppies with possible problems.
Rare AKC Color English and French Bulldog Puppies and Stud Services. Blue. Kb seems to be responsible for the seal coloring, which can be Black Seal, Chocolate Seal, Blue Seal, or Lilac Seal.. Some of Rare Bulldogs Seal Exclusives.
for sale, Full akc and microchipped or trade for French bulldog puppy This ad was posted w. Americanlisted has classifieds in Box Church, Texas for dogs and .
There Are At Least Three Genetic Variations Of Black English Bulldogs:. and Recessive Black, meaning he is not only capable of producing black puppies with .
The blue and black tri colors of English Bulldogs are the original colors.. Price range is normally in the $4000 to $5500 or more range for black tri puppies.

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