Are White Pugs Rare

Are White Pugs Rare rare are white pugs? Can they really be AKC registered?
Brindle Pugs do exist, though this is not without some controversy. All non-black Pugs have black masks and black ears. There are some unique color markings that can appear on Pugs which include the trace and the thumbprint, found only on non-black Pugs.
Does he know he cannot KC register a Pug as white?. chosen breed, I really don't understand this rare colour none sense and the silly money .
Silvers are rare, but boy if you get one their beautiful. Alot of fawn pugs are almost white. Their are things that just happen when breeding.
I've never seen another pug have markings like Dexter. Really rare colors.. .. Cute White Pug Puppy More Fluffy Puppies, Pug Puppies, Pet Dogs, Pets,.
I've never seen a white pug. Must be Albino. Ração AnimalAnimal JokesWhite PugMelanismPug PicturesPug PhotosPug PuppiesChihuahuasRare Animals.

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