Akc Owner Handler Rankings 2018

The AKC National OwnerHandled Series Points are displayed based on the selected breed. Qualifying Period: October 11, 2018 through October 09, 2019  .
Judging Program for 2018 AKC National OwnerHandled Series Final. Include the owner's name, dog's registration name & number and the correct email .
The end of year competition for the AKC National OwnerHandled Series will be held in. The qualifying period for the 2018 qualifying year is October 12, 2017 .
OwnerHandled Statistics NEW STATS · Starting from October 11, 2018 up to and. ***Reminder: The National OwnerHandled Series Rankings for October 12,. or changes in the ratings regarding your dog must be made at the AKC Show .
Statistics NEW STATS • Starting from January 1, 2018 up to and including December 31,. The AKC Grand Championship. Juniors. OwnerHandled Series .
AKC National OwnerHandled Series Ranking. For Events Processed Through: October 11, 2018. Qualifying Period: October 12, 2017 through October 10, 2018.
The AKC National OwnerHandled Series (NOHS) Finals Best in Show honors went to GCh. Marlex Classic Red Glare, a Miniature Pinscher owned by Armando  .
What's working in the National OwnerHandled Series and what needs to be. that professional handlers have overtaken dog shows and that the AKC does not  .

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