Service Dog Training Checklist

When it comes to training a Service Dog, absolutely nothing is more important than exhaustive socialization. Socialization and exposure to the world is the .
Give your new SDiT the best chance of success and start with this list of the first five skills you should teach any Service Dog in Training.
NSAR Public Access Test for Service Dogs.. If not already trained, you can train your own Service dog to meet the specific needs of your disability. It's important that your service dog is adequately trained to qualify as a service dog.
2. Obedience Training: a dog must master the basic obedience skills: "Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Heel" and a dropped leash recall in a store in response to verbal commands and/or hand signals. 3. Manners: a dog must acquire proper social behavior skills.
The following files are training check lists developed by me that I have updated since starting with my Malinois 8 yrs ago.. can cause some dogs to stress out if they haven't encountered it during the socialization window.. Service dog tasks.
We've got a step-by-step guide for getting your dog service-ready.. For more info, check out this well-reviewed guide to training your own service dog. (Pro tip: .

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