How Much Should Saint Bernard Puppies Weigh

Now you can find out with our FREE St. Bernard puppy online weight calculator, updated for 2019!. Simply fill in the details below and we will do the rest.
According to its size, the weight of the Saint Bernard female at 3 months should be between 17.1 and 22 kg. At 6 months, the Saint Bernard female weighs on average between 31.5 kg for the smallest individuals and 40 kg for the largest individuals.
A good 'estimation' to work on, is that a Male Saint should weigh 1kg for every cm in. Remember female puppies grow in hight until about 13 months, and then 'mature' and. But your girl is weighing far less then the average on her age.
Learn about how big your St Bernard puppy will grow using our unique Puppy Weight Predictor and compare it to an average weight for an adult St Bernard.
Can anyone share there weight of there Saint puppy at 8 weeks and they. When your dog gets average 150-ish pounds full grown, you'll be so used to the size .
Breed Group: Working; Height: 25.5 to 27.5 inches at the shoulder; Weight: 130 to. . He is gentle, but his size alone is enough to deter many would-be intruders or. A 25-pound Saint Bernard puppy certainly looks manageable, but he will .

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