Carnathan Black Mouth Cur Dogs

Pictures of the Black Mouth Cur along with bios on the dogs. Page 2.. Photo courtesy of Howard Carnathan. Sam the Black Mouth Cur laying outside in front of .
Temperament. Blackmouth Curs are great family dogs. They are great social dogs if trained properly. The BMC is a “very smart” breed who “by nature need to bond a few weeks” with their owner/trainer before training can begin.
The history of Howardtown indicates in 1875, a cur dog was being used on cattle, goats, sheep, and hogs during the day and for hunting at night on various .
The Carnathan dogs have two branches – there is the Southern Blackmouth and the American Blackmouth. They both go back to Howard Carnathan's breeding and his dog Bruno. There are some tree dogs in this line, but most of the people that hunt these dogs use them on stock such as cattle or hogs.
In 2005, I bought my first Black Mouth Cur and in 2007, started Givens. Blackmouth Curs, then out crossed with a Carnathan lined Blackmouth Cur.. Most of my Blackmouth Curs dogs and pups, are and will be reddish-yellow with a black .
The Black Mouth Cur is a hunting and cattle dog that has its origins in the. . the breed, featuring Howard Carnathan's Bruno, a Southern Black Mouth Cur.

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