Black Cane Corso Yellow Eyes

Cane corso black with yellow eyes Süße Hunde, Hunde Und Welpen, Große. . Karma Di Casa Pretorian black cane corso <3 Cane Corso Puppies, Cane .
According to popular thought, yellow eyes in the Cane Corso aren't just more intimidating – they. Closeup portrait of beautiful black Cane Corso female dog.
Solid fawn and red, including lighter and darker shades, have a black or gray. around the eyes, the nose and nails and may have light eyes in a yellowish tint.
Eye Color: Dogs with black muzzles (coat colors of black, fawn or red, and these colors brindled) dark brown. Disqualification: Yellow bird of prey; blue eyes.
Cane Corso puppies available now! Contact us for more information.
Our Cane Corsos live in our home, not in a shed or cage. I guess. Damiano is a beautiful blue Cane Corso with stunning blue eyes.. cane corso black puppy.

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