Best Dogs For First Time Owners Reddit

We are looking to get our first dog, and having been honest with ourselves about what sort of dog that would fit our work/lifestyle, we are.
I've always had dogs growing up, most recently a golden lab, rip, and a springer spaniel. However they were always more family dogs, or my .
(3&4) Our ideal dog would be intelligent, interested in working, but not too stubborn or notoriously difficult for a firsttime owner like my husband.
Good advice, I get discouraged reading online about how many dogs are "terrible" for first time owners. But as a few other people have said, .
Introduction** 1) Will this be your first dog?. so I could have the best chance at finding a dog with the traits I like.. .. keeshond owner, here.
Looking for the best dog breed for my boyfriend and I. Neither of us have ever owned a dog. We want kids in the near future and have lots of .
If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs? * Yes, this will. Another concern is I've heard they arent good for first time owners.
Thought it might be an idea for us to make a list of dogs we have had experience living with (everyone likes a list) for people thinking about.

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