Australian Shepherd Shedding

I would prefer the answer from an Aussie owner, but do Aussies shed a lot? Will the fur be EVERYWHERE like a German Shepherd? Will we live in a fur ball?
Grooming and shedding. Australian Shepherds shed heavily and require regular brushing and combing to keep mats and tangles under control. Some Aussies have shorter, easier-care coats than others. Those with a lot of feathering need more maintenance.
Because the Aussie I have now has a long, heavy coat, I do brush often and use a rake to get through any parts of the coat that are ready to shed. I don't have .
The Australian Shepherd is a medium size breed of dog that was developed on. Moderate Shedding: The Aussie sheds, but it's a major event only twice a year, .
Australian Shepherds shed year round, and shed very heavily twice a year during season changes. To keep shedding under control and mats from forming in .

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