American Bulldog Types

Allen Scott's American bulldogs, often called “standard” American bulldogs, remained smaller and more athletic than those bred by Johnson. Despite being a taller dog, standing between 22 and 27 inches at the shoulder, the Scott type is sometimes mistaken for an American pit bull terrier.
American bulldog description. American Bulldog characteristics. American Bulldog History. Olde english bulldogge. Pit bull. Aussie Bulldog. Alapaha blue blood bulldog. Bull and Terrier breeds.
American Bulldog information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of. They can vary in appearance, as there are multiple types, including the Bully .
This blog was written about the different types of AB, stating 5 different types? This is a bit over simplified and in many cases inaccurate, I'll p.
Originally, American bulldogs were farm utility dogs who could stand up to a bull, round up. The Painter/Margentina type was a smaller version of the bulldog .
Initially there were two breeds of American Bulldog, the Johnson or the "Classic" type and the Scott or the "Performance" type. As time passed, other breeds of .

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